At DMAT we recognise that each of our schools is unique in character and central to the communities they serve.

All Trusts and schools must publish statutory policies. Some of these will be overarching DMAT-wide statutory policies which are the same for all schools.

Others may be statutory policies containing details which relate specifically to an individual school, its phase and context. In the case of these statutory, school-specific policies, DMAT will also have in place overarching principles reflecting the shared values and ethos of the Trust and its schools.

In addition, schools may choose to adopt non-statutory policies that are also written in order to underpin aspects of the school’s work relevant to the local landscape and need, and therefore not common to all schools. 

Responsibility for the publication, oversight and review of policies may be delegated to the DMAT executive team or Local Committees. The Local  Committees are accountable to the DMAT Board of Trustees for the proper execution of its policies and procedures and the resolution of any matters arising from them.

Some policies will be in ‘draft’ if they are awaiting approval by the Board of Trustees or a Local Committee. Policies/ information and guidance regarding the following can be found on individual school websites:

  • Admissions
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Careers Information and Provider Access Policy Statement (Secondary schools only)
  • Charging and Remissions Policy
  • Curriculum Maps
  • OfSTED Reports
  • Sports Premium Report (primary schools only)
  • Pupil Premium Reports
  • Results of Phase-Specific Tests and Public Examinations
  • School Opening Hours
  • School Uniform