Sorry sir, what was the question again?

All too often, in classrooms up and down the country, teachers hear this phrase: ​“What was the question again?” This is usually followed by the teacher repeating the question and hoping the student has now paid attention and is mulling over a response. Students’ attention is crucial and too often found lacking during day-to-day classroom activities. The […]

A Concise Review of a Concise Guide to Using Research Evidence

Earlier this month the EEF released their newest guidance document – ​“Using Research Evidence – A Concise Guide”. The release of this document reflects the positive growth in school leaders and teachers turning to research evidence to plan and guide their school improvement. However, using research evidence effectively in schools does require some careful thought and overcoming […]

The 12 Blogs of Christmas

As we approach the Christmas break and move into the 12 days of Christmas I thought it would be both festive and useful to share 12 Durrington Research School blogs from 2023. Day 1 – In this blog Jody Chan focuses on recommendation from the newly published Primary Science guidance report. Jody explores how scientific vocabulary is pivotal in unlocking the science curriculum […]

Durrington Professional Development Twilights 2023 – 24

During the 2023 – 24 academic year Durrington Research School will be offering five online professional development twilight programmes. The topics have been chosen based on what teachers and school leaders have requested most often when engaging with us over the past few years. Each of the programmes are designed to be cross-phase and suitable for teachers of all […]