As we approach the Christmas break and move into the 12 days of Christmas I thought it would be both festive and useful to share 12 Durrington Research School blogs from 2023.

Day 1
 – In this blog Jody Chan focuses on recommendation from the newly published Primary Science guidance report. Jody explores how scientific vocabulary is pivotal in unlocking the science curriculum for all students.

Day 2
 – Chris Runeckles discusses how metacognition and self-regulation needs to be thought about through the lens of the teacher and the domain but also the perspective of the students in the room.

Day 3 – In this blog James Crane talks about getting vocabulary right and the need for explicitly teaching it wherever students encounter it, including courts, fields and sports halls.

Day 4
– High expectations and the language around this are unpicked in this blog by Chris Runeckles.

Day 5
 – Ben Crockett dives into some of the many benefits and potential pitfalls of using Think Pair Share in the classroom.

Day 6
– In this blog the influence of self-efficacy on teacher’s ability to implement classroom management strategies is discussed along with what can be done about it.

Day 7
– Shaun Allison reflects on Peps Mccrea’s new book and how it fits within the wider professional development programme, in particular SPDS (subject planning development sessions).

Day 8
– David Scott, a computer science teacher, explores how artificial intelligence and technology can impact education and particularly how we can leverage it into an advantage.

Day 9
 – In this blog Chris Runeckles discusses the problem of enactment because we as teachers can know something is the right thing to do, but still not change our practice. Chris explores some thoughts on how to combat this.

Day 10
 – Ben Crockett offers an insightful review of the main findings from the Ambition Institutes research on modelling in teacher training.

Day 11
 – Explanation is something we as teachers do every lesson of every day. Tara McVey has a look all things explanation giving some great and usable tips in this blog.

Day 12
– In this blog Chris Runeckles summarises the EEF toolkit on Making a Difference with Effective Tutoring.

We do hope you have a restful break and we look forward to more blogging in the new year.