NameAppointment DatePecuniary InterestsOther governing body
Mr Angus Watts14/02/2014 None.None.
Brighton University – Mr John Smith14/02/2014 None. None.
Mr Roy Barraclough03/02/2019 None Durrington High School Governor


date / Body
Term of office expiry dateMeetings attendedPecuniary InterestsOther governing body
Mr John DigbyChair of the board28/02/2017
by trust
12/10/2025 5None.None.
Mr Paul Noakes Information Security Lead14/02/2014
by trust
14/02/2022 6None.None.
Mrs Lianne Allison 08/12/2020
by trust
08/12/2024 5None.None.
Ms Sue MarooneyCEO/Executive Headteacher (Accounting Officer)14/02/2014
by members
Not applicable 6None.Governor at The Southdowns SCITT & Durrington High School
Ms Niki Thomas Vice-Chair
Safeguarding Lead
by trust
12/10/2025 5Research School/ school supportNone.
Ms Emma Watkins 01/12/2017
by trust
stepped down 29/04/2021 2None.None.
Mr Nickolas Roberts Health and Safety Lead11/02/2021
by trust
11/02/2025 3None.None.
Mr Angus WattsEstate Management Lead14/02/2014
by members