Director of IT

My primary commitment is to empower our schools in advancing, implemeting, and maintaining their IT and digital services. My unwavering belief centres around prioritizing teaching and learning experiences, pupil outcomes, and seamless accessibility as fundamental principles in every aspect of digital provision within the education domain.

With a proven track record, I consistently deliver successful IT projects, ensuring not only their timely completion but also strict adherence to the allocated budget. Under my leadership, our school’s digital strategy has undergone accelerated development, ensuring that our trust community can effortlessly access fast, efficient, and secure IT systems.

My expertise spans crucial domains such as service delivery, strategic IT management and implementation, cyber security, Branding and data protection. By integrating these specialised skills, I am dedicated to propelling innovation and excellence in our educational technology landscape. My goal is to cultivate an environment where digital solutions positively impact both educators and learners, fostering a progressive and technologically adept educational ecosystem.

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