A Creative Curriculum

Following the age of transfer changes, last year we gained our first year six class. Having successfully guided them through SATs and transition to high school we made the decision to focus on the curriculum. Now, as a fully fledged primary school, we believe a creative, exciting and challenging curriculum will develop our children to become the best learners. By adding the WOW factor back to learning and thinking about how and not what to infuse successful learning.

As a result, The Laurels had an opportunity to introduce a joined up, thematic approach to teaching and learning to engage and excite all of our children. A knowledge based curriculum, specific and progressive across all subjects, has created excited learners both in school and collaboratively at home engaging parents with learning. Topics are bursting with cross curricular themes which, in turn ensures cohesion and progression. By moving away from a traditional timetable, children are immersed into a learning journey whilst making connections between different subject areas. This term topics range from The Titanic to Earthquakes and Magic to Weather.

A mastery approach to Mathematics teaching, using the White Rose scheme of Work, has lifted the ceiling on learning and differentiation ensures all children make progress towards mastery at their level of learning. Alongside a revised marking and feedback policy and in order to ensure all children make progress, two key areas of teaching and learning have been focused upon to enable them to develop their thinking in class, and thereby increase their knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Live Marking

Currently we are introducing live marking – An opportunity for learners to receive valuable and immediate feedback, with key points to act upon to challenge children at greater depth or to address any misconceptions immediately for children not making the desired progress. Both the teacher and teaching assistants play a key role in this instant assessment tool ensuring all children make progress and achieve the lesson objective.

Same day intervention

Alongside live marking, a same day intervention, as an approach to teaching maths, has started to be developed across KS2. After the lesson, teachers and teaching assistants will teach a further input for groups of children to address any misconceptions with an aim to prevent an achievement gap from forming. As this intervention develops, we are keen to measure the impact it has on the progress of individual children.

Beth Collins, Assistant Headteacher, The Laurels Primary

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