Meet Our Team

Sue Marooney

Sue is a designated Local Leader of Education and has been the inspiration, drive and vision behind the transformation of Durrington High School and its track record of continued success. Sue’s specialist areas are leadership, finance and whole school improvement.

Shaun Allison

Shaun is an award winning author, runs a very successful teaching and learning blog and is a regular conference presenter most recently at the Wellington Festival of Education. His specialist areas are teaching and learning, whole school CPD and assessing without levels.

Chris Woodcock

Chris has spoken at a number of inclusion conferences and worked as a schools’ representative on several county wide projects. His specialist areas are inclusion, whole school behaviour, school systems, PP and data.

Our Vision

Our children have one chance of education and it is the core purpose of the Durrington Multi Academy Trust (DMAT) schools and staff to ensure that whatever their starting point, every single child who is part of our family is equipped, through their education, to embrace the opportunities and challenges that life and growing up in the 21st Century present. We take our responsibility of transforming life chances very seriously.

We have a clear and ambitious vision for education that is based on a proven track record of success, experience and skills, embodied within an established team of staff. Our schools will work together to bring about the following outcomes:

  • Ensure excellence from all, for all
  • Transform the life chances of young people and their community
  • Raise aspirations by believing that, together, we can all achieve beyond our expectations.

Key to building our excellent educational offer is utilising the expertise that exists within the Trust already; primarily from Durrington High School, the Vale Primary School and the University of Brighton. We will also seek out best practice in the schools that join us, to contribute to the ongoing success of our growing family of schools. Together we will focus on collaboration, high quality professional learning and a shared commitment to excellence.

Our Trust is developing a new curriculum for KS1 – 4. We have developed this curriculum based on experience, academic research and understanding the local context. This curriculum will ensure that:

  • Students have mastered the key knowledge and skills they need, in order to progress to the next stage of their learning;
  • Students will develop a growth mindset, due to a focus on grit and resilience throughout the curriculum;
  • Purposeful assessment is woven throughout it, using the ‘Growth & Thresholds’ model of assessing without levels. By using this approach, we do not place any ceilings on what students can achieve.

To ensure that the curriculum is delivered in a way that will maximize learning, we use an evidence based approach to teaching, which focuses on the six pedagogical principles of challenge, explanation, modelling, practice, questioning and feedback. The professional learning programme that runs across the Trust allows teachers to share, reflect and discuss how best to embed these in their classrooms.

This will ensure that we will deliver outstanding outcomes for all.