At Durrington High School students are offered a vast amount of extra-curricular activities to complement their lessons. This includes the extensive after school and lunch time clubs on offer, exciting and informative school trips, participating in national competitions and even exploring other countries.

The school has recently planned a trip to Iceland, offering the opportunity to all students who will be at the school in Easter 2020. The trip is hugely oversubscribed, highlighting that many parents/carers and students are keen to take up these amazing opportunities. During the February half term GCSE art, graphics and textiles students visited Florence, an annual trip which alternates between New York and a European city each year. There is also the annual skiing trip which gives students the chance to learn and embed a new skill that is not easily accessible. Other trips include the recent history trip to Berlin, and the annual geography field trip to the Jurassic Coast. As well as giving students a new life experience these trips bring their learning in to life, giving them real experience of their learning in the classroom.

Although it is not possible for all students to experience the overseas trips, there is a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities that are. Students are actively encouraged to take up at least one club per week, with the school motto ‘going beyond your  best’ highlighting that the more you put in, the more you will get out of school life.

There are over 25 sporting clubs which give the students the opportunity train and also to play against other schools, and in many cases excel in something they enjoy. Winning the West Sussex awards for highest performance overall sports in both girls and boys extra-curricular activities is testament to this.

However, it is not only sporting clubs on offer. Students can choose from a range of over 20 clubs varying from book club, to code breakers and choir. These clubs give students the chance to meet like-minded friends, share their passion and build on their knowledge. The eco club has also led to students creating work which has won competitions, both nationally and locally. The performing arts team recently won a Rock Challenge award for positive inclusion, which highlights how the 120 strong Rock Challenge team comprises any students who want to participate, with no audition process involved.

Alongside offering such a variety of opportunities, we also value celebrating the successes the opportunities bring. This is achieved by regularly updating our social media channels with news of students’ success, and weekly articles on our school website which offer a more in depth account of what our students have been experiencing. . By celebrating the students they feel valued by the school and proud of themselves, which can often continue into the classroom. It also gives parents a valuable insight into the opportunities offered by the school and encourages them to share in the success by interacting with posts, which in turn builds a strong community feel.

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